Friday 3 November 2017

Top 10 change in Indian railway with new time table effective from 1 November 2017.

New time table from 1 November 2017.

New time table introduce by indian railway from 1 November 2017 for utilization of system and improvement performance overall.
Regarding of idea for change old time table many trains take more time for journey while possibility to reduce time with utilization new technology. also many trains accident force old time table with new time table.


Now flowing highlights after new time table.

1) Time saving journey.
2) increased efficiency.
3) trains stopping time reduce at station.
4) Option for third gender in reservation form.
5) Meal make optional for rajdhani & shatabdi trains.
6) Conform seats/birth for pregnants & seek person.
7) book retirement with reservation.
8) Increased speed of train with LBH coaches.
9) fare benefits of senior citizens.
10) Reservation of tickets against nationality.

1) Time saving of journey.

new time table has been design for 500 (five hundreds) reduce journey overall. this is achieve by reduce staff change over time,rajdhani & shatabdi train crossing effective manner,train start station with line clear etc.

2) increased efficiency.

Railway system time table was focus on utilization of modern technology like automatic signal sytem,EoTT (end of train telemetry) sytem of goods train etc.
EoTT service specially for good train without guard have train driver take accurate decision to utilization train operation and eliminate human errors.

3) Train Stopping time reduced at station.

In new time table have made to stopping time reduce significantly, presently stopped time of major station are 10 minutes to 30 minutes will be reduce.

4) Option for third gender of reservation fom.

Railway introduce third gender in reservation form for transgender instead for old options Male and female.

5) Meals option made optional.

New time table have options for taking meals with ticket booking time,if option take for not take meals in journey in selected trains(such a rajdhani & shatabdi) automatic meals charge deducted from fare.

6) Conform birth for pregnant s woman & seek personal.

Railway made effective reservation system for give conform seat /birth against reservation made by pregnent and seek personal.

7) Book Retirement room with tickets.
For give effective service railway introduce service for Book Retirement room with tickets booking. Before 1 November 2017 retirement room booking will be at particular station only.

8) Increased train speed.

Railway made provision for increase average speed of trai with LBH coaches instead RCF coaches. LBH coaches designed to operating speed 160 Km/h where RCF coaches suitable to 130 km/h have increased average speed of trains.

9) Fare benefits of the senior citizens

In new time table effective from 1 November 2017 make provision for senior citizens to option have 50 % concession or 100 % fare concession.

10) Reservation again fill nationality.

Railway made to reservation of Indian railway train for Indian citizens, hence option given in form to check nationality otherwise tickets not book.

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