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Railway previous years Question (mcq) Mock test & mcq Quiz for Railway Exam and others competitive Exam.

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Following Topic question will be asked in Railway previous years Examination as per syllabus. Below mention section is all about the facts about previous years Question asked in different competative exams like Railway i.e RRB NTPC CBT 1 and RRB NTPC CBT 2, ALP TECHNICIAN, RRC group d, JE etc exam and UPSC, SSC, CGL, SSC MTS, SSC CHSL, IBPS PO and Clerk CBT Exam etc.
1) General Awareness (Statics GK) and Current Affairs.
While general knowledge is comprehensive and includes facts, figures and information on every topic under the sun, current affairs are more limited in their scope and tend to concentrate on the recent happenings in the world.
i) Current Events of National and International relevance.
ii) Games and Sports.
iii)Art and Culture of India.
iv) Indian Literature.
v) Monuments and Places of India.
vi) History of India.
vii)Freedom Struggle.
viii)Physical, Social and Economic Geography.
ix) Indian Polity and Governance.
x) constitution and political system.
xi) General Scientific and Technological Developments.
xii)UN and Other important World Organizations.
xiii)Environmental Issues.
xiv)Basics of Computers and Computer Applications.
xv) Common Abbreviations.
xvi) Transport Systems in India.
xvii) Indian Economy.
xviii) Famous Personalities.
xix) Flagship Government Programs.
xx) Flora and Fauna.
xxi)Important Government as well as Public Sector Organizations.
2) General Science:-further divided in three parts.
a) Biology.

i) in the subject of biology, the candidates can focus on the Important Inventions and their inventor.
ii) Important and Interesting facts about human body parts.
iii) Nutrition in Animals and Plants.
iv) Diseases and their causes like Bacteria.
v) Viruses and Protozoa.
vi) Class 12th for environment topics.
b) Chemistry.
i) Chemical Properties of Substance as well as their uses.
ii) SI units.
iii) Chemical Name of Important substances.
iv) Properties of Gases.
v) Surface Chemistry.
vi) Chemistry in Everyday life.
c) Physics.
i) Important inventions as well as their inventor.
ii) Different S.I. units and conversion b/w others units.
iv) Sound.
v) Light and wave.
vi) Energy Including conventional source.
vii)Basic Electricity.
3) Mathematics.
i) Number System.
ii) Decimals systems.
iii) Fractions.
iv) LCM and HCF.
v) Ratio and Proportions.
vi) Percentage.
vii) Mensuration.
viii) Time and Work.
ix) Time and Distance.
x) Simple and Compound Interest.
xi) Profit and Loss.
xii) Elementary Algebra.
xiii) Geometry and Trigonometry.
xiv) Elementary Statistics.
4)General Intelligence and Reasoning.
I) Analogies.
II) Alphabetical and Number Series.
III)Coding and Decoding.
IV) Mathematical operations.
V) Relationships.
VI) Syllogism.
VII)Jumbling of sentence.
VIII)Venn Diagram.
IX) Mirror image and water image.
X) Data Interpretation and Sufficiency.
XI) Conclusions and Decision Making.
XII)Similarities and Differences.
XIII)Analytical reasoning.
XV) Directions.
XVI)Statement, Arguments and Assumptions.

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