Saturday 25 November 2017

How many seats in Indian railway coaches.

In indian railway coaches How many seat available for setting & slipping.
Indian railway coaches will be design with deference arrangement for passengers according to fare paid in journey and how many longer distance cover by train. for passengers compatible journey railway coaches first divided into Air conditioning coaches and Non Air conditioning coaches, Also second division made for setting arrangement and sleeping aragements.

According to railway running and data available railway coaches divided in following broad categories..

A) Non Air conditioning coaches

1) Un-reserved coaches.(D)
In un-reservation coaches give as a second class seating arrangement with 90 seats available in each coaches. it is frequently used in LOCAL TRAIN such a intercity and small distance running train but also two to five coach available in long distance (700 to 1500 KM) running train.

2) Sleeper Class Coaches..(S1)

Sleeper class coaches have both seating (Day) and sleeping (night ) for 72 numbers of passengers. it is non Air condition coach but benefits of these coaches fare is economical. sleeper class have 10 to 15 coaches in major non AC train hence passengers carrying capacity increased.

3) second seating coaches (2S)
 Second seating type coach have non Air conditioning with reservation option for passengers travail medium distance journey. this coaches have 108 numbers of seats. fare of second seating coach is between general coach and sleeper class.

Air conditioning coaches

1) 3 tier Air conditioning coaches. (3A)
This coach similar to sleeper coach but there HVAC (Heating ventilation and air conditioning) system provide for comfortable journey in all seasons. Fare of 3 tier AC coaches increase two times of sleeper coaches. Number of birth available in this coach 64 only where sleeper non AC coach have 72 seats.

2) 2 Tier Air conditioning coaches. (2A)

In two tier air conditioning seats arrangement divided of upper and lower seat,this is also Air conditioning coach and fare more than 3 tier coaches.
Number of seats available for seating 46 .

3) AC First class coach (1A)

AC first class coaches side upper & lower seats not available hence each section made a compartment of four seats,total number of seats in AC first class coaches are 22 only. this type coaches more comfortable for journey but fare is very high.

4) chair car (cc)

Chair car air conditioning have 73 number of seats for seating with advance booking.

5) Executive chair cat (EC)

Executive chair car upgraded chair car and having 46 numbers of seats available.

6) Chair car in shatabdi train

In shatabadi train chair car have 78 seats in three row arrangement with middle leave for movement,but special arrangement of dinner table in center of coach in both rows. also small  pantry area provided for store food.

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