Sunday 9 June 2024

Special Train Controllers Allowance (Revised) for Section controllers and deputy chief controllers

Special Train Controllers Allowance given in Indian railway for Section controllers and deputy chief controllers Rs 5000 per months from 1 july 2017. Special Train Controllers Allowance in Indian Railways as per RBE 86/2017 (CLICK HERE pdf Download]

 Now Revised Rates of various allowances upon Dearness Allowance being raised by 50% from 1 January 2024 dates 4.6.2024 [Click here download pdf Notice],  According to railway Board's letter bearing RBE No. 51/2024 dated 05.06.2024 or ref RBE No. 26/2024 dated 15.03.2024  [CLICK HERE DOWNLOAD] DA reach at 50% hence various allowance shall be increase 25% . 

1. Vide Board's letter under reference, the rates of Dearness Allowance were raised to 50%. Consequently, multiple references have been received from the Staff Federations regarding revision in the rates of various allowances whose rates were slated to be revised upon DA reaching 50%.
2. In view of the same, a list of such allowances whose rates shall be revised with DA reaching 50%, along with the revised rates  of Special Train Controllers Allowance is Rs 6250 per months.
3. The revised rates of these allowances shall be applicable with effect from 1st January, 2024.

Q. why Special Train Controllers Allowance is given to Section controllers and deputy chief controllers? अनुभाग नियंत्रकों और उप मुख्य नियंत्रकों को विशेष ट्रेन नियंत्रक भत्ता क्यों दिया जाता है?

ANS:- Controlling the movement of rail traffic within their section. Arranging the crossing of trains, efficient utilization of wagons and formation of goods trains at junction stations. Re-scheduling rolling stock, transshipment, etc. in the case of accidents and breakdowns Section controllers and deputy chief controllers is responsible employees.

Q-what is main duty of Section controllers and deputy chief controllers in Indian Railways as a control organization?

ANS:- The Control Organization of Indian Railways is the nerve centre of train operations. It controls the asset management of the Railways, in a dynamic situation, round the clock incessantly moving trains on its entire network. To guide and assist the section controller, there are shift Deputy Controllers. All technical disciplines involved in train movement have a representative in the Control office to provide the required support from his department. These would include i) Motive Power Controller ii)Traction Power Controller iii) Signaling and Tele - Communication Controller iv) Commercial Controller v) Security Controller vi) C& W Control vii) Engineering Control etc.


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