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 Microprocessor and Micro-controller  important topic for every examination question. here discuss 35 mcq type question from it and there answer in marked BOLD option 

hint:- answer in bold latter 

01 What is mean by ALU

 Arithmetic logic upgrade
 Arithmetic logic unsigned
 Arithmetic local unsigned
 Arithmetic logic unit

02 which of the following lists the interrupt in decreasing order of priority?

 TRAP, RST 5.5, RST 6.5, RST 7.5, INTR
 INTR, TRAP, RST 7.5, RST 6.5, RST 5.5
 TRAP, RST 7.5, RST 6.5, RST 5.5, INTR
 RST 7.5, RST 6.5, RST 5.5, TRAP, INTR

03 Which of the following interrupt is only edge sensitive?

 RST 7.5
 RST 5.5

04 Maximum number of I/O that can be addressed by the INTEL 8085 is

05 The microprocessor may be made to exit from HALT state by asserting
 any of the five interrupt lines
 READY line
 A or B or HOLD line

6. The data lines of 8085 microprocessor are multiplexed with
 higher order address lines
 lower order address lines
 status lines
 none of the above

7.  The content of the A15-A8 (higher order address lines) while executing “IN 8-bit port address” instruction are
 same as the content of A7-A0
 all bits reset (i.e. 00H)
 all bits set (i.e. FFH )

8 Which one of the following ICs is used to interface keyboard and display?

9.  The execution of RST n instruction causes the stack pointer to
 increment by two
 decrement by two
 remain unaffected
 none of the above

 10.  The stack is nothing but a set of
 reserved ROM address space
 reserved RAM address space
 reserved I/O address space
 none of the above

11 . S0 and S1 pins are used for
 serial communication
 indicating the processor’s status
 acknowledging the interrupt
 none of the above

12 Identify the programmable DMA controller number from the following


13. Identify  the programmable interrupt controller from the following

14. Identify the non-programmable interfacing device from the following

 15. In a vector interrupt
 the branch address is assigned to a fixed location in memory.
 the interrupting source supplies the branch information to the processor through an interrupt vector.
 the branch address is obtained from a register in the processor.

16. The process to file transfer from internet to computer.


17 what is address given to computer connected to network are known.
 System address
 IP address

 18. ..................... is process to finding errors in software code.

19.  Identify the programmable interval timer from the following

20. 8085 microprocessor has how many pins

hint 27 output pin

21.  the computer code of interchange information between terminal

22. In 8085 name/names of the 16 bit registers is/are
 Stack pointer.
 Program counter.
 Both A and B.
 None of these

23. The ROM programmed during manufacturing process itself is called

24. WHAT ARE .bas .doc and .html  example of ..

25. What is the name of software that allows to us through web pages called?

 Mail client
 FTP client

26. Which is not An operating system.

27. in an intel 8085A microprocessor, why is READY signal used ?
 To indicate to user that the microprocessor is working and is ready for use.
 To provide proper Wait states when the microprocessor is communicating with a slow peripheral device.
 To slow down a fast peripheral device so as to communicate at the microprocessor’s device.
 None of the above.

28.  ALU (Arithmetic and Logic Unit) of 8085 microprocessor consists of
 Accumulator, temporary register, arithmetic and logic circuits
 Accumulator, arithmetic, logic circuits and five flags
 Accumulator, arithmetic and logic circuits
 Accumulator, temporary register, arithmetic, logic circuits and five flags

29.  The clock speed of 8085 is
 1 MHz
 2 KHz.
 3.2 KHz.
 3.2 MHz

 30. The first machine cycle of an instruction is always
 A memory read cycle
 A fetch cycle
 An I/O read cycle
 A memory writes cycle

31.  The correct sequence of steps in the instruction cycle of a basic computer is
 Fetch, Execute, Decode and Read effective address.
 Read effective address, Decode, Fetch and Execute.
 Fetch, Decode, Read effective address and, Execute.
 Fetch, Read effective address, Decode and Execute.

32.    Ready pin of microprocessor is used
 To indicate that microprocessor is ready to receive inputs
 To indicate that microprocessor is ready to receive outputs
 To introduce wait state
 To provide direct memory access

33.   A high on RESET OUT signifies that
 All the registers of the CPU are being reset
 All the registers and counters are being reset
 All the registers and counters are being reset and this signal can be used to reset external support chip
 Processing can begin when this signal goes hig

34.   Temporary registers in 8085 are
 B and C.
 D and E.
 H and L.
 W and Z.

35.   Register pair used to indicate memory
 B and C
 D and E
 H and L
 W and Z

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