Wednesday 18 October 2017

How to earn rs 40,000/month start home work for making paper plate and bowl। घर पर अपने लिए ४०००० रूपया हर महिने कमाये पेपर प्लेट और दोना बनाकर ।

Above given link for complete process of making paper plate and bowl even packaging, bundling and kept ready to delivery.

hello everyone.
नमस्कार सभी को ।
आज हम इस blog  के माध्यम से बताने वाले है कि कैसे हम अपने द्वारा कम पुँजी लगाकर अच्छा कमाई (income) कर.सकते है।
यहां हम आपको पेपर बनाने के मशीन के बारे मे बताते है |
Machine(मशीन ) तीन प्रकार के बजार मे मिलती हैं ।
1)हाथ सँचालित Hand press:-
यह मशीन कम लागत कि होती है जिसका मूल्य 10000 हजार से 20000 हजार तक होता है।
जिसमें Dia (साचा) लगाकर हाथ से चलाकर सभी प्रकार के प्लेट और दोना बनाया जाता है ।
2)Electrical motor operating machine(बिजली सँचालित मशीन)
यह मशीन द्वारा तेजी से प्लेट या दोने का निर्माण किया जाता है लेकिन मशीन कि मुल्य rs 60000 से rs 100000. तक होता है। जिसमें एक या दो  (single or double) dia लगाया जा सकता है ।

3)Air operating machine
इस मशीन कि किमत लगभग rs 40000 से rs 80000 होता है। समान्यतः इसका प्रयोग बडे साईज के थाली बनाने मे किया जाता है ।

इन सभी मशीनों के सहायता से अपनी रोजगार शुरू किया जा सकता है,जिससे rs 30000 से rs 40000 महिने कि कमाइ हो सकता है ।

Friday 13 October 2017

Open circuit and short circuit test for transformer iron loss and copper loss.

Transformer known low loss among the electrical machine, hence efficiency of transformer about 98% at full load operation.
But some lossless have,it is determined by open circuit test and short circuit test.

Open circuit test of transformer.
Open circuit test of transformer determine iron loss as a eddy current loss and hysteresis loss.
in open circuit test HT(high tension) side of transformer open and testing done with LT side (low tension) by apply rated voltage.
Watt meter connected in the circuit measured all lossless of transformer. but HT side open current through the winding flow very less hence copper loss neglected,it is 2 to 3 % of full load copper loss.

Short circuit test of transformer.

Short circuit test done to determine copper loss in transformer.
in short circuit test Low tension(LT) windings short circuit and high tension (HT) winding supply 10 % voltage,but due to LT short full load current achieve, hence full load copper shown in watt meter,here iron loss neglected because very small .

Sunday 8 October 2017

Delhi metro rail 2nd fare hike.दिल्ली मेट्रो रेल का दुसरी किराया बढोतरी 2017,

दिल्ली मेट्रो प्रबंधन द्वारा 10 October 2017 से साल कि दुसरी किराया बढाने का political विरोध शुरू हो गया है ।
Delhi chief minister sri Arvind kejriwal said it is not possible to 2nd fare hike in same year, also burden to common mango people.

According to DMRC Delhi Metro, which has been operational in the capital since 2002, is at present carrying around 27 lakh passengers everyday, and has become the lifeline of the city with a punctuality of over 99.7 per cent.

Since 2009, there has been no increase in fare, whereas the input cost for the DMRC has increased by over 105 per cent in energy, 139 per cent in staff cost and by 213 per cent for repair and maintenance.

Also give logic regarding fare hike in 2009 was increased 112 % for 2002 to 2009 period. but 2009 to 2017 only 92 % fare hike prosed in two phase.
Dmrc says fare hike was imperative in the wakes of rise input cost as well as operating cost 48 % (in 2011) to 69 % in 2015.
it is important to survival of DMRC operation and maintenance cost maintain and give customer delightful journey.

Political war between two stakeholders:- delhi government & govt. Of india(central urban development ministry)

Delhi government write a latter regarding fare hike to urban development ministry, while reply from ministry said it is not possible to stop fare hike because fare fixations committee decide two phase fare hike,if stop fare hike it is violation of metro railway rule(धारा) -37,if suspension of fare hike rs 3000 crore paid to DMRC and new committee enquiry done for feasibility.
According to the Indian express
Metro fare hike could be reconsidered if you pay DMRC Rs 3,000 crore every year: Centre to Kejriwal govt.

Old fare after first hike.

Upto 2km -rs 10.
02-05 km -rs 15.
05-12 km -rs 20.
12-21 km -rs 30.
21-32 km -rs 40.
Beyond 32-rs 50.

After second fare hike.

Upto 2km -rs 10.
02-05 km -rs 20
05-12 km -rs 30.
12-21 km -rs 40.
21-32 km -rs 50.
Beyond 32-rs 60.

I hope solution of this solve faithfully for DMRC commuters and DMRC survival for jong journey with trust.