Saturday 23 September 2017

Air property of air-conditioning systems

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  1. Today discuss regarding air properties used in air conditioning system.

The purpose of Air-conditioning?

1)Comfort Air-conditioning for human beings; 
2)Industrial Air-conditioning for equipment, raw material 
and goods


 It is the temp. which the thermometer can measure in air.
 For HUMAN comfort/relaxing Temperarure will be 21 deg.  

WET BULB TEMP.(w.b.t): 

      If a moist wick is placed over a thermometer bulb, the evaporation of moisture from the wick will lower the thermometer reading .This temp. is known as the w.b.t.
     wet bulb temperature measurement done by cyclometer with two thermometer installed,one for Dry bulb 7 second for Wet bulb temperature

DEW POINT (d. p): 

is the temperature below which water vapor in the air start to condense known DEW point.


Is the presence of moisture or water vapor in the air. the amount of humidity in the air affects the rate of evaporation of perspiration from the body. Dry air causes rapid evaporation.


     Is a term used to express the amount of moisture in a given sample of air.also the amount of water vapor present in air expressed as a percentage of the amount needed for saturation at the same temperature. for human filling comfort with Relative Humidity between 55 % to 65 %.

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